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Hair Options @ M'Lord is an internationally recognized hair replacement company with associated centres world wide. The team is a select group of service professionals dedicated to advancing the act and science of hair restoration through clinical practise and research.We are committed to providing accurate, up to date general information regarding hair loss, as well as each individual person's diagnosis and recommended treatment.

We then provide natural and permanent hair restoration, utilising proven procedures and advanced artistic techniques. Our overall objective is to do our best to provide every Hair Options client with excellence, and exceptional aesthetics, friendly, personalised care and efficient services, all delivered within professional and caring environment.

Hair Options is a 35 year old family concern with one very special qualification - we, as principles are our own client! Because of this, we have a first hand understanding of the doubts and misgivings that surround decisions for replacing lost hair ...

Hair Options is the only hair replacement facility offering solutions to problems, surgical and non-surgical. The answer for you is exclusive to you - male or female, surgical microfollicle transplants, non-surgical skin grafts or our exclusive First Lady Series hair additions and secret strand extensions.

Hair Options can be found in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Bloemfontein, East London, and Namibia, each centre with its own team of experts providing surgical, non-surgical procedures and Lazer treatment. If you like honest assessment and sound advice, please call us for a free hair check consultation to help you get your hair back!

The M'Lord Group of Hair Replacement Companies was founded in 1968 in Cape Town by: Ivan Simoen PhD - President of the International Hair Loss Institute, Vice President of the International Hair Plus Association, Advisor to the World Organization for Research against Hair Loss.

Hair Options @ M'Lord is an internationally recognized hair replacement company with associated centres world wide.

Hair Options Charity Program

Temporary hair loss is an unfortunate side effect of Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy for cancer patients. The prospect of having to go about bald is often more stressful than the treatment itself. Not everyone can afford custom made wigs of good quality.

We, Hair Options @ M'LORD.SA, collect hair to design and custom make top quality hair replacement systems which we supply FREE OF CHARGE to certain cancer patients. Judged on merit, we also assist in trauma cases - after an accident.

We welcome your donation of your cut hair. Rather than seeing your locks on the hairdressers floor, send us your hair to help those in need and let us turn it into LOCKS FOR LOVE.

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Surgical Procedures

Hair Transplantation is a permanant surgical solution for combatting hair loss

Hair Transplant

Permnent Hair

Follicular Unit Extraction

Non Surgical Procedures

We offer alternate solutions for non-surgical procedures to combat hair loss

Hair by Hair Reconstruction

SMP Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Hair Integration


Laser Hair Restoration

Low Level Laser Therapy is available for those suffering with hair loss and to reverse various symptoms

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

Exec Hair

About Hair Loss

All that you would need to know about combatting hair loss

Female Hair Loss

Frequently Asked Questions

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