Permnent Hair

Thanks to a new hair technology, Permnent Hair can offer you the appearance of a full head of hair that would convince even your own mother.

Permnent Hair is a unique process whereby wefts of precision, colourfast hair fibres are secured permanently to your scalp. The fibres are extremely durable and manageable. It can even be thickened if need be later on.

What is Permnent Hair?

It's a unique, medically approved process in which wefts of high-quality, colourfast fibres are secured permanently to your scalp by means of a simple, hygienic, surgical technique. The wefts are placed closely together to give you a natural-looking head of hair, even when wet or in a strong wind.

How long does Permnent Hair last?

Research locally and overseas has proved that the fibre is almost indestructible. The sutures are permanent (unless you want them removed)

When can I start using Permnent Hair?

We can add wefts to thicken or cover any degree of baldness. In the case of thinning hair there is no problem as the wefts blend in with your own growing hair. It can be thickened if need be later on.

Do I remove Permnent Hair to shampoo the hair and clean my scalp?

Certainly not. You wouldn't remove your own hair, would you?

How do I take care of it?

As you would your own hair. Wash it at least 3 times a week and use a good conditioner. We'll supply you with detailed instructions on how to care for your Permnent Hair as well as products best suited for the after care.

What kind of hairstyle can I have?

Just about any style of your choice - curly, wavy, straight, long or short.

Is it comfortable?

if you follow our guidelines carefully, you should experience no discomfort.

Will it affect my outdoor activities at all?

No. You can participate in any sport or activity - your new hair will not embarrass you.

As I get older, can my hairstyle be changed?

Yes, we can change the style to suit your age, even add a little grey if needed.

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