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Due to many years of dyeing my Mohawk every colour you can think of and a touch of genetics, I noticed some thinning in my hair and panicked. I ran to the first Hair Specialist I could find and was given more jargon than service. I then tried “Plan B” which was HAIR OPTIONS. I met Didier for a consultation and he was supportive before he wanted to sell me anything. I needed this approach as it’s quite embarrassing looking for help like this at first.

I was ready to shave this “signature” Mohawk all off, but I was taken through a plan to get my hair’s strength and body back and I haven’t been disappointed since. I affectionately titled the treatment, the “SAVE THE MOHAWK” campaign. It’s on-going and growing every day. The treatments are more relaxing than daunting and the products are side-effect free.

If you notice a bit of thinning or if you are combing forward instead of back, nip it in the bud and go see Dider. He is a Follicular Friend indeed.

Ty Keogh

"I would like to thank HairOptions and Trichotin for helping me restore my hair. I have used many products in the past but when I starting using Trichotin I noticed a difference immediately , my texture improved and I even noticed new hair growth.

I honestly believe that without Trichotin my hair would thin , which could adversely affect my career.I am very comfortable using Trichotin as it is completely natural without side effects. It also has all the vitamins and minerals to help with my gruelling work schedule and maintain my hair in Optimal condition"

My hair options experience (Anonymous)

Hair loss is a very emotional and emotive experience. I believe that most men (and women) don't speak openly about it as it's a very personal and intimate issue that many of us struggle with. Whilst some people look good with the clean shaven head I never believed that of myself.

So my hair loss that happened gradually from when I was around 25 has steadily bothered me. Although outwardly I didn't say much inwardly I was in turmoil and wanted a solution. However the solutions that were available all seemed rife with too many issues and concerns so I allowed the status quo to continue to the point where I had lost so much hair! That's when I met Gavin and Petra and they gently told me of the options I had for my hair and how they believed they could help me.

I listened with great interest but with obvious doubts but they convinced me to come in for a appointment. That's where my outlook changed, not only did they have many options but they truly knew what they were talking about. They are truly professional and take extra care of every individual who needs their help. We agreed on what would work best for me and did all the necessary preparation and I was told that in a few weeks my life would change. The wait was a mixture of excitement and curiosity. When the day finally arrived I could barely contain myself. After a brief chat the process began, they carefully did the procedure with me facing away from the mirror on purpose. When the time came they turned me around and I could not believe how incredible the results were.

I honestly looked 10 years younger (a comment I have heard often nowadays) I look like I did 10 years ago, the most impressive thing was that it looked completely natural. I am so happy with not only the end result but also the whole process which was painless and easy. I cannot thank the Hair Options team enough for this truly life changing experience. I believe that you should do things that make you confident and this has completely done that for me. Thank you Gavin, Petra and Hair Options for your kindness and incredible service!!!

I would recommend that anyone who is feeling uncomfortable with hair loss to talk to this incredible team. They will work with you to find the best Hair Option for you and I know you won't regret it. Instead you will find a new lease on life! Since having the procedure I have competed in an Ironman event and continued my outdoor sporting lifestyle with no issues at all. My hair looks great and my lifestyle is as active as ever. Thank you Gavin and Petra, you and your Hair Options team truly are incredible!!!

Gareth Paterson

I started losing hair from a very young age and people pointed this out to me frequently! It affected my social life and confidence to a point that I didn't even want to look at pictures of myself anymore. I was made to believe that this was part of life and that I needed to accept it. That was until I contacted Hairoptions. They are so professional and made me feel unbelievably comfortable from the beginning. One meeting with them made me realize how many options a person actually has in this day and age!

Thank so much for the new look and the new outlook on life guys, best decision of my life! I would recommend it to anyone!

Andrea Katzeff

Despite having her scalp ripped off Andréa Katzeff never stopped smilling - and look at her now. Click here to read the YOU Article ...


By the time I hit 33, my hair line had greatly receded. I stopped going out, or going to the gym. It really had an effect on my social life. People my own age were calling me "sir". It's ok if a teenager calls you "sir", but not people your own age. I looked ten years older than I really was..

I was able to change the way I looked almost over night. I finally went and did something about it. I feel great! Look at this! This IS my [email protected] This is exactly how I want to look. It's perfect. This is the solution, the REAL solution.


My hair started thinning when I was 19. I really didn’t completely lose my hair, but I have spots that are bald. I didn’t do anything about it, just kind of lived with it and stayed away from things I loved like water sports.

I would recommend to any woman who has thin, problem hair, even woman who over process their hair that this is the solution. Just do it. You don’t have to have unhealthy hair.


"Well, I started out with long hair and several years ago I went through a tough time with a divorce and decided to cut all my hair off. When I started to grow my hair the transition from short to long was not cute at all.

I just love my new hair because I have the versatility of having long hair. I can style it, wear it up, slicked back or in a pony tail. I would recommend it to anyone; definitely to African American woman. I'm happier with the versatility of my new hair.


I noticed about 10 years ago I started thinning. I thought it was a sign of maturity at first, but as I got worse, began trying to hide it.

I did what I call “flipping”. I would take my hair and cover over the bald area and for maybe a year and a half I was getting away with it. Then I noticed I was showing more and more skin. I didn’t like the way I looked anymore and I knew I had to do something. Now that I have regained my hair, I feel like a different person.


I never thought that thinning hair would be a problem for me. In my early twenties I noticed thinning areas in the front.

I did everything I could to hide my problem and to this day I have a huge hat collection. I found the solution to my hair loss. I was amazed how easy it was. It’s amazing what it’s done for my self esteem, the way I feel about myself and the way people look at me. If I had known how easy that was, trust me, I wouldn’t have waited so long.


The first time I noticed a thinning spot was ten days before I turned 15. I would look at pictures of myself and would cringe, not just because I was bald, but because I was unhappy and looked unhealthy.

I stopped taking care of myself because I didn’t feel I was worth it. Now that I have hair, I can’t remember when I felt this good about myself. I catch myself smiling in mirrors and being happy and bubbly just being myself again.


I went through the process because I looked like I was 37, but I’m only 24. All my friends have a full head of hair and I was the unfortunate one.

Now I feel a lot better that I look my real age. I’m single and I want to remember my 20’s as being wild, fun and crazy and since I fixed this problem that’s exactly what’s happening – I’m having fun!


When I first started losing my hair I didn’t know what to do. I did a lot of research and I knew that eventually, I would be completely bald. I knew my options where limited and that’s when I tried Hair by Hair Reconstruction.

It’s the best thing that has happened to me as well as my relationship. My girlfriend actually helped me with this decision and I am very happy, which makes her happy.


I just feel so much better about the way I look when I’m meeting people or going out to dinner.

I don’t know why I waited so long because now I really feel great having more hair.


I tried everything under the sun to stop my hair loss and eventually resorted to wearing hats all the time. Then I came across this safe method of getting my hair back.

After I had it done, I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe it. I looked like I did before I lost my hair and I did it just before my wedding day. People I haven’t seen in a long time told me I hadn’t changed a bit. Friends who knew me, believe it or not, couldn’t figure out why I looked so good. I just wish I did it sooner.

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