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Luxurious hair is a reflection of a healthy and vibrant body. Like the rest of your body, your hair needs quality nutrients to revitalise and maintain it in peak condition. Trichotin Hair Regenesis, with anti-ageing properties, has been specifically formulated to supply the essential nutrients required for healthier hair and skin, while promoting overall well-being.


Reduces hair loss

Stimulates stronger, healthier hair growth

Improves skin clarity

Trichotin DHT Inhibitor

Designed to combat the effects of androgenic alopecia, Fusion Labs has formulated Trichotin DHT Inhibitor, an efficient one-a-day bedtime caplet that provides the body with the beneficial nutrients and herbal extracts to lower the production of DHT and improve hair follicle activity.

A unique blend of nutrients prevents follicle damage and stimulates hair growth. High purity, certified Saw Palmetto and Beta-Sitosterol inhibit the action of 5AR, thereby preventing hair loss. Nettle contains polysaccharides with immunomodulating and anti-inflammatory effects to diminish the symptoms of androgenic hormones while Co-enzyme Q10, a potent antioxidant rejuvenates the scalp and stimulates follicle repair.

"I would like to thanks Hair Options and Trichotin for helping me restore my hair.

I have used many products in the past but when I started using Trichotin I noticed a difference immediately, my texture improved and I even noticed new hair growth. I honestly believe that without Trichotin my hair would thin, which could adversely affect my career.

I am very comfortable with using Trichotin as it is completely natural without side effects. It also has all the vitamins and minerals to help with my gruelling work schedule and maintain my hair in Optimal condition"

Yours faithfully

Ty Keogh

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