F.U.E Follicular Unit Extraction

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Follicular Unit Extraction

The F.U.E. is a revolutionary new transplant method. This procedure is recommended for those that wish to have their hairlines or receding thicker. Instead of using the traditional method (FUT) we can remove much finer hairs. But saying this not everyone is ideal for this procedure especially if you have to remove anything over 3000 hairs as you are still balding and you require us to addresse other areas later.

It is our experience that to much hair gets harvested the first time leaving the patient in need of more hairs later and there is not any available in donor area.

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    FUE Technical

    The way it is done is by removing hair from the donor area at the back of your head using an extractor and inserting them into the thinning area using an implant needle. This method is not recommended for person seeking volume as it is a much more labour intensive procedure using much finer technique.

    The healing time is only one week as there is little or no bleeding or scaring. During our consultation we will explain all the various options available to you.

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    Product Info

    By using our Exec-hair kit and Trichotin DHT inhibitor we can keep what you still have stable and this helps to enhance the transplant result.

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    Exec Hair Value Pack
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    MATTe-SPF Cream
    Trichotin hairoptions


    2000 Hair Transplant 1
    FUT- Hair

    Performed by highly qualified Plastic Surgeons under the most stringent clinical conditions.

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    FUE- Follicular Unit

    This procedure is recommended for those that wish to have their hairlines or receding thicker.

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