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Say goodbye to baldness and Hello to a thicker, fuller head of hair.

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Hair Loss and Balding Treatment Johannesburg

The HairOptions Group are driven by individuals that place all their efforts into helping clients from all walks of life with hair loss problems.

Proven Procedures

The key to restoring hair permanently is to grow your own hair back naturally.
“Guaranteed for life!”

Hair Systems & Wigs

Achieve a full, natural-looking head of hair with this non-surgical process. We offer bonded, taped and micro links as methods of attachment.


A procedure to simulate the natural look of shaved, cropped hair. The results are visible in 3 to 4 sessions.

Low-level Laser Therapy

A safe and effective treatment for hair loss sufferers, and is capable of halting and even reversing hair loss.


Loss of hair affects more than just the scalp, it can have a shattering impact on your self-esteem and confidence.
Let us help you get your confidence and enjoyment of life back, and a full head of hair also.

Diana Houston

HairOptions Customer

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When you think your life is over (as us women do) experiencing hair loss, I was beyond excited to visit Craig at Hair Options recommended to me by a family member. My journey began in September 2022 when I made my first appointment with the receptionist, who is perfect to be the voice and front end of the company!!

My first consultation with Craig was like meeting a new friend! I was welcomed and made to feel very comfortable while I explained my concerns, in between getting to know one other. At the age of 64, I learnt so much about hair care and the many options available. I was beyond excited to get started with a brand new routine to get my “crowning glory” back to where it used to be (despite my age).

In just a short 4/5 months, the improvements have been extremely rewarding and has decreased my stress levels tremendously.!! Hair Options offer open communication at any time you may require advice and guidance during this process. Isn’t this what real friends do!! Craig is now part of my life going forward. I can’t wait for my 6 weekly check ups, progress updates and the replenishment of my products to keep me feeling inspired as my hair bounces back!

Thank you Hair Options family for being kind, welcoming, friendly, sharing your experienced knowledge and showing the empathy that I so needed!! When I thought there would be no solution and thought this was an age related reality with my hair loss, I am so grateful that this was not the case. So when you think, all is lost, don’t! Just go and visit the Hair Options team. This experience will change your life!!!

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