Hair Sytems

At HairOptions, we meticulously select the finest human hair to perfectly match your own in three crucial aspects: colour, density, and wave or curl. These qualities are essential for ensuring our clients’ complete satisfaction. Given the uniqueness of every hairstyle and the varying expectations of each individual, an initial consultation is vital to determine the specific requirements needed to enhance your appearance to its fullest potential.

Whether you wish to recreate a look from a few years ago or desire an entirely new style, we are here to help. The process begins with taking hair samples to precisely match your hair’s color and wave pattern.

Next, we compile detailed data to understand your desired look, taking into account your age, facial structure, and head shape. Additionally, we ensure that the hair density aligns with your age and personal style.

Our skilled technicians then reconstruct your new head of hair by carefully observing the natural growth patterns of your scalp and your preferred styling methods. Each follicle is hand-placed to create a natural, seamless appearance.

The best part? Our hair systems are securely bonded to your scalp, allowing you to swim, shower, and maintain your daily lifestyle without worry. These systems can last for up to a month without coming off.

Every HairOptions service centre offers routine maintenance, including haircuts and reattachment of your hair system. Our private cubicles ensure a comfortable and discreet experience.

We invite you to experience our exceptional service. If you need hair, we can make it happen.

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