Hair Transplant

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Hair Transplant

The key to restoring hair permanently is to grow your own hair back naturally. “Guaranteed for life!”

The Hair Transplant procedure is performed by highly qualified Plastic Surgeons under the most stringent clinical conditions. Throughout the hair replacement procedure you will be comfortably seated in a private treatment room.After routine preparations, healthy grafts of your own hair will be transferred to thinning or bald areas and regrow as it did in the past.

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Hair transplant it work?

When performed by experts, hair transplantation is easy for the patient, but requires that the surgeon has the artistic skill. The process begins with an evaluation of the donor area. This area at the back and sides of the head contain healthy hair follicles that are genetically programmed to continue to grow. Sufficient donor hair is needed for a successful hair transplantation. A small section of hair bearing tissue is removed from the donor area and is dissected into individual follicular units and micro-grafts. Once the preparation of the grafts has been completed, artistic strategy is used to place the grafts into the thinning and balding areas. Single hair follicles are placed at precise angles in the frontal area to create a natural looking hairline. More follicular grafts and micro-grafts are placed immediately behind the hairline to provide density and volume to cover the larger balding areas. Our Plastic Surgeons use artistry to customize the design of each hair transplant so that it looks natural. The placement of the grafts should closely resemble your naturally growing hair

Patient Comfort

Compared to most other cosmetic surgery, hair transplantation is a comfortable and easy treatment for the patient. Even so, we continually strive to improve all aspects of the procedure, from surgical technique to patient aftercare.

Are you a candidate for Hair Transplantation?

Our expert consultants will inform you of the various Hair Options available to you, and after a thorough evaluation will recommend the correct procedure for you. However, the final decision to proceed with hair transplantation will be yours with the help of your HairOption consultant and finally if need be the Plastic Surgeon.

In determining your candidacy, we will consider the following:

  • Number of grafts required to meet your expectations
  • Amount of donor’s hair available to work with
  • The density of the donor’s hair
  • Colour of your hair
  • The texture of your hair
  • Future hair loss projections
  • Expected result
  • Expected total cost for the number of procedures required

During your evaluation, we can sometimes make use of a video microscope to differentiate between genetically compromised hairs, miniaturized hairs and those that will stay for life. Only after a thorough evaluation of the above will a decision be made to proceed with the hair transplantation procedure. In some cases where the candidate is not suitable, HairOptions will have other options available.


FUT - Follicular Unit Transplant

Performed by highly qualified Plastic Surgeons under the most stringent clinical conditions.

Follicular unit Extraction
Follicular Unit Extraction

This procedure is recommended for those that wish to have their hairlines or receding thicker. 

Hair Systems and wigs for men
Hair by Hair
Bonded Hair Systems

You can achieve a full, natural-looking head of hair through this non-surgical process.

SMP close up
SMP Scalp Micro Pigmentation

A non-surgical procedure that simulates the natural look of shaved, cropped hair, in 4 easy steps.

PRP procedures

Recommended for anyone with thinning hair and certain types of genetic balding.

Low Level Laser Therapy
Low-level Laser Therapy

Painless solution that can be applied immediately and in conjunction with other treatments.

Product Info

By using our Exec-hair kit and Trichotin DHT inhibitor we can keep what you still have stable and this helps to enhance the transplant result.

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Exec Hair Value Pack
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Exec Hair Value Pack Inside
Trichotin hairoptions