HairOptions Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Choosing this option is for bald men and thinning hair in females that have exhausted all avenues with regards to re-growing their hair or are dealing with failed hair transplant procedures with excessive scars and insufficient coverage of the balding head.

Here is a brief explanation of how the procedure is performed.

SMP is a procedure whereby the hair shaft is simulated (not to be confused with stimulation) with tiny microdots, creating the illusion of growing hair, it’s supposed to resemble shaved hair by giving colour to the scalp. This procedure is not a permanent tattoo. SMP is a more refined technique and is suited for men and women.

This procedure is more popular in men for obvious reasons.

For Men, it looks great on a head that is shaved. This is perfect for the shiny, balding section on top and for creating a hairline that has disappeared. SMP gives one the illusion that the hair is growing in areas where previously there was nothing. It is also suitable to make hair transplants or thinning hair look fuller. This is an excellent procure for darker skin people, as the pigment works very well in simulating the shaved look. And it’s fashionable at the moment. SMP can also be used to cover scars on the scalp.

For Women, It can be used for females with very thin hair or diffuse hair loss. The procedure gives the illusion that the hair is thicker.

It is not ideal for ladies but in certain hair-thinning situations along hairlines, it can work.

Considerations when choosing your service provider.

Ask to see the Qualifications! Also, take a look at how long the service provider has been performing procedures.

Social media and advertising can give you a good idea of what the companies are about and sometimes, but not always, reviews are a good go-to, remember some people are nasty online so look at the good and the bad and make up your mind.

Remember any reputable establishment will not have a problem with questions especially if you are a candidate for SMP.

SMP how is the procedure performed?

You would sit comfortably on an articulated chair with the Technician sitting next to you. Good lighting is required and you may need, a topical anaesthetic cream that is applied for 40 minutes before starting the procedure as it takes that long for the anaesthetic to work on your scalp.

Most specialists make use of SMP-specific machines or pens some use a tattoo gun but this is not the norm.

SMP should take three to four sessions. Each session should be done a week apart. You would need to sit for about two hours for each session to get the 3D effect on your scalp.

When starting the procedure we penetrate through the epidermal layer using a needle that inserts the pigments.

This layer of cells changes every few weeks, so this technique will gradually fade but can last up to about three years.

Unlike a tattoo that is for life where the ink is permanent, SMP makes use of pigments that can fade over time.


This procedure works best on a shaved head, expect to do a touch-up every 12 months to brighten up the look and in some cases, it may not be necessary. Get a costing for your touch-up before starting your first procedure. Sun Light, blood thinners, medications, and topical creams can cause your pigment to fade on your scalp. For the best advice contact your local Hair Clinic branch we are internationally recognised with 10 years experience so far.

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